Knossos, Greece – 1585 AD The younger Alexandra sister was always the feistier one. Unfortunately for the young warrior, the more she struggled the more the Minotaur seemed to enjoy it. The foolish girl had ventured into its lair alone, looking for her sister – Sophitia. Little did she know that the girl was already broken by the mighty beast months before. And just liker her sister, Cassandra fell into the same trap. Hanging by her arms, the 9 foot beast held her securely in its powerful grasp. She could feel its hot breath on her neck, as its tongue teased her puffy nipples. Her long legs dangled helplessly inches above the ground as shivers ran down her spine. “How am I getting turned on by this?” Cassandra thought to herself. As the Minotaur leaned into her, she could feel its massive heart beating against her back. She gasped in shock as something wet and hard straddled up against her buttcheeks…throbbing…over and over again, in time with the beast’s heart. Only then did Cassandra realize what was about to happen to her. She saw the discarded scraps of armor belonging to her sister strewn around the fireplace, and a feeling of despair overcame her. As the beast’s gigantic cock parted her legs she bit her lips and closed her eyes in a last act of defiance. She would not scream. Cassandra Alexandra knew she would soon share her sister’s fate, but she would not scream.


CAPTIVE CASSANDRA│StudioFOW│無修正│女戦士 3DCG ファンタジー 異種姦 無修正 海外作品


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