1912 – Comstock House, Columbia Elizabeth bit her lip and groaned as the massive member parted her soft buttcheeks. Her breathing quickened as she felt the tip burying itself deeper and deeper inside her. She protested and flailed at first, fearing that the huge cock would rip her in two but her body gradually submitted to sinful violation. Trying to sneak out of Comstock House proved to be a bad idea, the Boys of Silence were always watching. She wasn’t quick and clever enough and one of them had spotted her and immediately pounced. Sapped of her strength from weeks of inhumane experimentation, she could do nothing to resist. She always wondered if those things were human or not – and soon found the answer as it ravaged her in ways no human ever could. She didn’t want to resist anymore, the dick fucking her ass raw made her cheeks flush red and her tongue twitch. No more running, she decided. Booker can rot in hell for all she cared. If he hasn’t come for her yet then he probably never will.
Might as well enjoy the depraved delights while she could.


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