2015 – Manchester, England Christie sat upon the wooden bench of the locker room, quietly starting down at the floor with a towel draped over her head. She watched the drops of her sweat trickle from her chin and drop down to her toes on the damp tiles. She cursed herself for falling for such a rookie trick back in the ring, closing her eyes as she attempted to run it back over in her head. With that, she was interrupted by the familiar voice of her sparring partner “Oi Christie, that was a well ‘naff performance back in there. Starting to think you’re fuckin’ up on purpose ‘luv.” he said with a somewhat boastful tone. Christie sighed, pulling the towel from her head with some kind of retort ready to fire until her eyes were widened by a familiar but no less impressive sight. Dangling mere inches from her face, the long and semi-swollen cock of her tall and well built sparring partner. He glared down at her expectantly, arms folded with his hips pushing forward and the light catching his glistening abs. Upon seeing her beautiful face, his tackle began to swell and grow more quickly. ”For fucks sake Chrissie, whack it in your gob already. Wanna get ‘ome for Corrie.” – She blushed a little, leaning forward to slide the tip between her luscious lips, not even guiding it with her hands. It was clear that this wasn’t the first time she’d done this. She peered up at him, a lustful and slutty expression upon her unblemished features as she effortlessly slid inch after inch of his cock to the back of her mouth. ”Too slow.” he blurted out, before rapidly hammering his hips back and forth in her mouth. The tip of his cock pushing further and further with each thrust until it was half way down her throat. He cursed and grunted with ecstasy, using his defeated sparring partner’s mouth like a sex toy as she simply accepted yet another consequence of her defeat. Though even has his balls slapped rapidly against her chin so shamefully, she couldn’t get rid of the deepening red blush on her cheeks and the questionable sounds she was making as she deep throated him. One could only wonder, was she losing on purpose?


DEVILISH DEEPTHROAT│StudioFOW│無修正│3DCG フェラ 無修正 海外作品


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